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Creating Music Together

Like Ian Levings, our principal at Reimer, often says,

"We have created a band program at Eugene Reimer because the process of learning a musical instrument has been scientifically proven to make people smarter."

Being a part of a school band not only increases 

brain development, but develops connections between students and in the community.

It also encourages artistic and emotional expression, and opens an avenue of communication to the rest of the world. 


Music has the ability to bypass spoken and written words and is vital to the human experience.

Plus, its tons of Fun!!!

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It would be an understatement to say that  Heidi Buhler likes music... 


Every day where music is being learned by students is a good day!

Starting the band program at Reimer in 2016, she has since completed a Masters of Music Education from Gordon College in Wenham Massachusetts.  

Miss Buhler uses a teaching method developed by music education researchers Edwin Gordon and Dr. Christopher Azzara which focuses on

learning music as a language.


Meet The Director

What To Expect:

Throughout the year, students will be exploring three big ideas and their connection to the BC curriculum.

1. Everyone CAN create music.​​

  • Music is a learned skill and the goal is to provide students with Improvisation and compositional skills that will enable students to express their own musical ideas independently and collectively.

2. People create music ALL over the world.​

  • Experiencing music challenges our point of view and expands our understanding of others.

3. Creating Music is a unique and valuable experience as part of regular life.

  • Music has intrinsic value in its effect on the mind and body. It can add to an event, communicate an experience, and form connections between people.

What We Do In Band:

Students start by learning the basics of how to play an instrument including: 

  • How to care for their instrument 

  • How to create and play music

  • How to read and write musical notation

  • How to perform


In the past students have participated in:​

  • Band Trips

  • Music Festivals

  • Community events

  • Master Classes and more! 

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