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As the school year comes to a close and the celebrations commence, I invite you to take a look at how far our students have come!!! Some of you can remember the squeaks and squawks of September :)

Below are videos of choir as they picked up singing again, the rough edited version of our grade 8 band as they are working with a professional recording and filming crew to bring their pieces to life, and our grade 6 and 7 band who have both come incredibly far this year and pay tribute to the incredible place we call home.

It is official! The Reimer band program is going to Whistler on April 22-24th for the Cantando music festival! The UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble with guest soloist Jens Lindemann will be one of the performers on the trip!

Start Fundraising or, put your student to work! The cost of the trip is $350 per student [approximately 300 days of cleaning.. ;] with scholarships available for families that are not able to afford their student to go otherwise. The trip will include:

  • Adjudicated Competitive Performance and workshop with a clinician

  • Instrumental workshops & master classes for each instrument

  • Evening festival concerts with featured guest artists

  • 2 nights accommodation in Whistler

  • Round-trip private coach transfer and more!


This has been quite the year and in spite of everything, we have stayed safe, made music together, and had fun! Our students have been busy filming their hard work and we have created 3 short films for your enjoyment.

The first is of the progress the grade 6 students have made since starting in September, which is always amazing to see!

The second is of our grade 7 students visiting the north pole to perform a piece that they have arranged.

The final is a short film titled "Abominable Snowman Chase", is about some students who had a run in with a Yeti the other week. The grade 8s not only acted all of the roles, but also recorded the entire soundtrack.

Please enjoy!

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