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Parents, you are an important part of the process of students learning how to play an instrument. Over the last few weeks, many students have been diligently filling out their practice charts that are taped to the inside of their band folders. If they haven't asked for your signature yet, check up on them! These charts are due on November 9th and are an important part of the process.

For Grade 6, students should always be practicing with the Essential Elements Interactive music studio. If they have trouble logging in with their username and password, feel free to use the generic school account at

Student Username: HBuhler, Password: Band

For most kids, the desire to practice must be extrinsic before it becomes intrinsic. This is where you as a parent play a very important role. Here are some ways in which you can help your child succeed:

  1. Create a schedule, routine is good, especially if students can practice at the same time each day.

  2. Sit with them while they practice. Make it a family activity or have them perform for you afterwards.

  3. If the noise is too loud, encourage them to practice outside or as an alarm clock for everyone in the morning before school :)

  4. If you notice your child is not practicing, get to the source. Not practicing may be the symptom of a different problem. Attack that problem.

  5. Bribe them. Rewards for minutes practices or mini performances given!

If nothing else works, or maybe first, get them a private teacher. (Students are more likely to practice when they have private lessons because they cannot hide behind the rest of the band. These students also improve at a much faster rate.)

  • The Pumpkin fundraiser was a huge success! Many students payed off the deposit for the Whistler trip with the proceeds.

  • Our next fundraiser is the Neufeld Farms Fundraiser, order forms will be sent home today!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Our Choir and Piano club will be performing for Remembrance Day on Friday, November 9th

  • Our Assistant Directors are focused on set up for the Diwali Dance Friday, November 16th

  • Permission forms for our Band Retreat have gone out for Thursday, November 22nd.

  • The Winter Concert is Friday, December 14th

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