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Greetings All!

It's been a busy week as the entire band room has been turned upside down to be freshly painted for the first time since the school opened. Before the weekend starts, I wanted to send out one last email to catch up anyone who missed the meeting on Tuesday evening.

This is an exciting year, as we have the highest enrollment in the Reimer Band program since we started it from scratch 4 years ago! This means that our community is changing and becoming more educated as to the benefits of having a well rounded and enriched education.

Some of the reasons our students signed up for band this year include:

  1. Everyone should learn a musical instrument because it is an important human language

  2. Opportunity to build lasting friendships and travel

  3. Develop courage through performing in groups

  4. A challenge! It is hard work that pays off

  5. Playing music is fun!

The reasons why the school has invested in a music program for our students can be found in this TED talk by Anita Collins called: How playing an instrument benefits your brain!

This fall semester I am working on my final project for my Masters Program which is titled: "Filling Their Suitcase: Integrating Music Learning Theory". The goal is for students to have more autonomy and depth as they learn to create music for themselves.

Band is a curricular course that runs from September to the end of June. It takes time and effort to learn how to play an instrument. Therefore, when students get discouraged, please contact me as early as possible to make sure they get the support they need to succeed.

As parents and guardians you can also encourage your student/s to play for you at home and show you how to put their instruments together. You could even get them to teach you how to play it! Remind them that it is just a matter of not being able to do something YET.

All students should already have their instruments from either the school or from a local music store.

With their instruments, students will need:

  • Clarinets and Saxophones - a box of reeds, size 2.5 for beginners, size 3 for advanced students

  • Trumpets - valve oil

  • Trombones/Baritones - slide oil

  • Flutes - a cleaning rag

  • Percussionists - sticks/practice pad

  • Bassists - Tuner

Grade 6 students are starting with a video series by Dr. Glynn at

Students will also need a uniform of

  • black pants

  • black shoes

  • black socks

  • and a Reimer Band polo shirt with the logo

The shirt can be ordered on school cash online before October 1st. Picture day for Band is on November 8th where students need to wear their uniform to school. If you already have a uniform shirt, just ignore it the invoice.

Below is a link for a calendar of events for the year. Our first event for all students is on Thursday, November 21st during the school day. If you are available on Nov. 21st to help run our band retreat, I need some help with:

  • Student registration in the morning 8:15-9:15am

  • Snack prep from 9:30-10:30am

  • Lunch prep from 11-12:30pm

  • And crowd control in the afternoon from 12:30-2:00pm

Got fundraising ideas? Let me know!

Lastly, if anyone has access to a carpet cleaner, our risers smell like cat pee and need a good cleaning…

As always, I am unbelievably excited to see what we will be able to learn and create together this year!

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